Gusmer Brewing Catalog 2023-24

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Hamilton Inline Process Sensors

Case Study – Hamilton VisiTrace mA DO Sensor Trial Utepils Brewing - Minneapolis, MN Hamilton’s Visitrace mA DO Arc sensors feature enhanced electronics, including integrated Bluetooth communication, and are designed for low end DO measurement, from 0-2000 ppb. Hamilton’s Visiferm DO Arc sensors are capable of measuring a broad range of DO from 10 ppb to 25 ppm for maximum versatility. Hamilton Company, one of the pioneers of optical DO measurement, has built a complete portfolio of inline measurement sensors and accessories for the brewing industry. Hamilton’s innovative ARC platform features integrated wireless transmitters, bringing the conveniences of modern wireless technology to inline sensors. Visiferm and Visitrace mA DO Arc Sensors for Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring dissolved oxygen is critical throughout the brewery. A low O 2 content during wort aeration can lead to stalled fermentations and the formation of off flavors, while inconsistent aeration can cause rapid changes between aerobic and anaerobic fermentation, stressing yeast. After fermentation, downstream processes must introduce as little oxygen as possible. Real time DO measurement provides the opportunity to make rapid decisions and optimize the brewing process.

Easyferm Plus ORP Arc sensors for Oxidation-Reduction Potential Oxidation-reduction potential measurement can provide insight into its influence on taste, flavor, shelf life, and other factors that affect product quality. The Easyferm Plus ORP Arc sensors from Hamilton feature a platinum ring and a pressurized electrolyte and can measure potential from -1500 mV to +1500 mV. Conducell Arc Conductivity Sensors Conductivity sensors are used to catch product, control CIP systems and chemical dosing pumps, as well as monitor waste effluent. Hamilton’s Conducell Arc Sensors feature a 4 pole contacting sensor, stainless steel electrodes, and can measure conductivity up to 300 mS/cm. Wireless Communication with Hamilton ArcAir The ArcAir app from Hamilton interfaces wirelessly with an ARC sensor. Remotely monitor and calibrate up to 30 sensors

simultaneously on either a computer or a Bluetooth capable device. ArcAir is compatible with Windows and mobile Apple and Android devices.

Easyferm Bio HB Arc pH Sensors Monitoring pH during various points of the brewing process provides the ability to make quick decisions that can impact product taste, color, viscosity, and stability. It can also provide the information required to optimize enzyme usage. The Easyferm Bio HB Arc sensors feature Hamilton’s HB glass and a pressurized electrolyte, providing the best pH sensor lifespan available in brewing applications.

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