Gusmer Brewing Catalog 2023-24

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Bucher Denwel Processing Equipment

With a broad offering of process equipment scaled to suit any size brewery, Bucher Denwel can provide the right tools to help you economize, optimize and innovate! In addition, Bucher Denwel specializes in filtration equipment, see page 26.

Water Deaeration Water Deaeration Column Cold The Deaeration unit is designed for efficient and reliable deaeration of water under atmospheric conditions. The column is filled with structured packing, enabling a large internal surface which strips out the oxygen to levels below 10 ppb. • Carbonation of deaerated water • No vacuum required • Low CO 2 / N 2 consumption

Flash Pasteurization - Automatic The Flash Pasteurization Automatic Unit is designed for safe, precise and reliable heating of beverages. While reducing pathogenic

microorganisms, uniform and gentle treatment is applied to maintain the original taste and appearance of the beverage. • Gentle and precise heat treatment • Constant Pasteurization • Heat recovery up to 96%

CIP CIP Mobile Unit The CIP Mobile Unit can be wheeled to any corner of the brewery to provide reliable CIP performance. CIP sequencing valves are used, so no pipe reconnections are required. Includes sampling valve for concentration check during cleaning and automatic temperature control. The unit can be used with various detergents for cold or hot cleaning. • Three sizes of caustic and acid vessels • For tanks, pipes and equipment cleaning CIP Compact Unit The CIP Compact Unit provides single loop cleaning of pipes, tanks and process technology in the brewery. It includes insulated caustic and uninsulated acid and water recovery vessels. Automatic CIP sequencing with defined temperature, flow or pressure. • Insulated caustic, uninsulated acid and water recovery vessels • Automatic CIP sequencing

Water Deaeration Video Customer Testimonial

Eric Harper, Brewmaster Utepils Brewing Co. - Minneapolis, MN

Water Deaeration Membrane Unit The membrane contactor contains thousands of

microporous hydrophobic hollow fibers. The CO 2 / N 2 is applied on the inside of the hollow fibers and pulled out by vacuum. The high difference in partial pressure forces the oxygen out of the liquid phase. • Final oxygen below 10 ppb • Water prefiltration • Expandable capacity

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