Gusmer Brewing Catalog 2023-24

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Hamilton Cell Density Measurement

In-line cell density measurement provides breweries real time access to indicators of yeast health without having to take samples to the laboratory. Total Cell Density measurements indicate the concentration of total cells in suspension, useful during fermentation when monitoring biomass growth is important. Viable Cell Density measurements indicate the concentration of living cells in suspension, helpful when optimizing pitch rates. Used in conjunction, Total and Viable Cell Density measurements provide brewers with a Viability Percentage, a powerful indicator of overall yeast health. Incyte Arc Sensor The Incyte Arc sensor measures Viable Cell Density by way of permittivity, which is a measurement of capacitance per unit area. The Incyte generates a small electrical field, polarizing nearby viable cells, and the charge generated by the viable cells is picked up by the sensor.

Dencytee Arc Sensor The Dencytee Arc Sensor measures Total Cell Density using infrared light scattering at 860 nm. A 5 mm sensing gap in the sensor with detectors on both ends measures the amount of light reflected by suspended cells.

Hamilton The Beverly

The Beverly portable dissolved oxygen (DO) meter from Hamilton is the most affordable portable meter available on the market. The Beverly incorporates the versatile Visiferm DO ECS probe into a robust all-in-one unit. The Beverly is perfect for checking DO in beverage processing and provides a turnkey solution for QA monitoring. • Measuring Range: 20 ppb to 25 ppm DO • Response Time: < 30 seconds • Operating Temperature: 0 - 80 o C • Operating Pressure: 0 - 10 bar • Unit Weight: Approx. 10 lbs • Continuous Battery Life: 50 hrs • Construction: Robust, two-part molded design • Optical DO Probe: Visiferm DO ECS

“The Beverly portable dissolved oxygen meter is a solid piece of equipment at an affordable price. We have used ours since day one of production at Earth Rider Brewery in 2017. Fast inline readings while being rugged enough to survive the conditions of daily use in our cellar. It is easy to maintain, service and calibrate. ”

— Allyson Rolph Head Brewer

Earth Rider Brewery Superior, WI

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