Gusmer Wine Catalog 2023-24

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Renaissance Yeast (continued)

Viva TM

Muse TM

Ideal for artisan-style sparkling wines, fruit forward grape wines and fruit wines

Excellent choice for full bodied wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah • Provides impressive flavor and aroma in red varietals

• Strong fermentation kinetics, all the while preserving fresh, fruit character • A rapid, clean fermenter characterized by its ability to work under diverse conditions

Allegro TM

Brio TM

Imparts good mid-palate fullness with color and flavor stability across all varietals

A specialty yeast for complex, fruit driven red wines • Intense aroma purity, elevating a wine’s aromatic expressiveness with notes of cherry, black fruits and spice • Improves the extraction of phenolic compounds and color

• Produces an intense fruit overture followed by a mild spiciness and a smooth tannin finish • Ferments at a moderate tempo and performs well in medium nitrogen musts

Avante TM

Provides a high-quality advance for organic winemakers Ossia TM - (Organic)

A versatile and reliable yeast for making red wines • Produces an intense red fruit overture for color and flavor stability • Maintains desired varietal characteristics with great aromas and flavors

• Minimizes concern of producing H 2 S due to limitations of conventional use of inorganic copper sulfate

Bravo TM

Bella TM

A versatile and robust general white wine strain • Exhibits beta-glucosidase and beta-lyase enzyme activities • Low VA production during stressful fermentations

Full body red wine strain • High glycerol producing strain • Beta-lyase activity – high ester and other aromatic compounds

TR - 313 TM

Fresco TM

A versatile and robust general white wine strain • Thiols releasing strain • Intense aromas of tropical fruits

Saccharomyces cerevisiae hybrid • Specifically developed for cider producers • Imparts a bright apple character and a refreshing crisp finish

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