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Renaissance Yeast is a research and development company in Vancouver, that is dedicated to yeast innovation that addresses some of the wine industry’s most important fermentation challenges. Since 2013, Renaissance Yeast has operated on the premise that fermentation problems can be addressed with yeast strain screening and development through natural breeding techniques.

Created by Selective Breeding

Innovative H 2 S Prevention Renaissance Yeast uses the science of selective breeding to create wine strains with superior attributes and technical performance. The unique, non-GMO process enables us to isolate yeast strains with all-around performance in winemaking and outstanding flavors and aroma to truly make wine exceptional. Through research funded by the American Vineyard Foundation, Dr. Linda Bisson (University of California, Davis) and her team revealed that the level of sulfide produced by yeast strains varies and that it is difficult to predict strain behavior in response to nitrogen supplementation. Hydrogen sulfide is one of several common sensory defects in wine. It can impart notes of rotten egg, garlic and burnt rubber, and if left untreated, can complex into other volatile sulfides such as disulfides and mercaptans. Hydrogen sulfide, even in trace amounts, can’t be easily detected by wine consumers, and can still impair the true flavours of your wine. Wines are much more ‘open and bright’ when trace amounts of hydrogen sulfide are not present. Dr. Bisson’s research resulted in the isolation of the yeast strain UCD932 from a vineyard in Emilia Romagna, Italy and the understanding that this yeast strain is naturally unable to produce hydrogen sulfide during fermentation. This novel discovery lead to extensive screening and crossbreeding programs by the research staff at Renaissance Yeast, and resulted in an innovative approach to preventing hydrogen sulfide in fermentations.

Innovative Traits by Selective Breeding

Renaissance Yeast knows, in addition to controlling H 2 S, a wine yeast has to be a holistic performer with exceptional secondary qualities. With this in mind, the Renaissance R&D team continually builds upon the core H 2 S-preventing platform to develop yeast with outstanding attributes that include:

• BRAVO: High Glycerol Producing Strain • BELLA: Low Acetic Acid Production Yeast • TR-313: Volatile Thiols Releasing Wine Yeast • FRESCO: Cider Specific Strain These strains are useful tools not only for the H 2 S prevention, but also to improve technical characteristics such as the need for enhanced mouthfeel (Bravo), management of challenging fermentations (Bella), and exceptional varietal aroma production (TR-313).

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