Gusmer Wine Catalog 2023-24

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Hamilton Inline Process Sensors

Hamilton Company, one of the pioneers of optical DO measurement, manufactures a number of inline measurement sensors and accessories for the wine industry. Hamilton’s innovative ARC platform features integrated wireless transmitters, bringing the conveniences of modern wireless technology to inline sensors. Easyferm Plus ORP Arc sensors for Oxidation-Reduction Potential Recent research from the University of California, Davis and published by the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture 1 suggests that oxidation- reduction potential (ORP), or redox potential, can influence reactions that occur during fermentation, and that by controlling the ORP during fermentation, a winemaker can influence fermentation rates and yeast health. Being able to monitor and adjust these fermentative factors offers winemakers a valuable tool that provides greater control over the winemaking process. The Easyferm Plus ORP Arc sensors from Hamilton feature a robust construction and a measurement range of -1500 mL to +1500 mV. Used in combination with Hamilton’s wireless Bluetooth adapter and ArcAir software, ORP data can be monitored and recorded during a fermentation for up to 3 months.

Wireless Communication with Hamilton ArcAir The ArcAir app from Hamilton interfaces wirelessly with an ARC sensor. Remotely monitor and calibrate up to 30 sensors simultaneously on either a computer or a Bluetooth capable device. ArcAir is compatible with Windows

1 American Journal of Enology and Viticulture (AJEV). doi: 10.5344/ajev.2018.17063

Visiferm mA DO Arc Sensors for Dissolved Oxygen Installing in-line dissolved oxygen sensors at specific points in the process after fermentation allows winemakers to monitor oxygen pickup during aging, blending, racking, and bottling. In addition to monitoring oxygen pickup in the wine, dissolved oxygen sensors can also detect oxygen levels during tank purges. As dissolved oxygen is known to play a role in wine quality, the ability to measure oxygen during the winemaking process can be useful to any winemaker. Hamilton’s Visiferm mA DO Arc sensors are capable of measuring DO in process up to 25 ppm and have built in wireless transmitters and Bluetooth compatibility.

and mobile Apple and

Android devices.

In addition to DO and ORP sensors, Gusmer Enterprises and Hamilton also offer conductivity and pH sensors for use in wastewater monitoring, CIP programs, and various other applications. Contact your Gusmer representative for more information.

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