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MilliporeSigma Microbial Monitoring Tools

Gusmer Enterprises and MilliporeSigma have combined efforts to bring the wine industry the necessary tools to conduct microbiological process monitoring at critical points throughout the winemaking process. Our line of process monitoring tools is designed for convenience, cost effectiveness, and quality. These tools are essential to help ensure product safety and microbial stability at all critical points, such as fermentation, storage, filtration and bottling. From simple setups to advanced systems, these tools are designed to fit into the monitoring regimes of every facility and are easy enough for any microbiological skill level. Ensure the quality and safety of your wine throughout production with MilliporeSigma process monitoring tools from Gusmer. Microbial monitoring of your wines may be easier than you think! Follow the seven simple steps below or call your local Gusmer representative to build your micro program today.


Equipment/Material Vacuum Source or Pump




Provides the vacuum required to pull a sample through the membrane Provides the support for the membrane and funnel as well as an exit for the liquid

EZ-Stream Pump


Manifold or Filtering Flask

EZ-Fit Manifold

3 4

Funnel or Filter Holder

Holds the sample during filtration

Microfil Funnel Devices


Retains the target microbes contained in

EZ-Pak Membranes

the liquid sample


Petri-Dish and Pad

Dishes used to combine membrane

Petri-Pad Petri-Dish

and media


Growth Media

Substance to provide growing nutrients

WL Sterile Ampoule

in either liquid or agar form


Incubator and Colony Counter

Provides controlled conditions to grow microbial colonies which can be counted

Gusmer Wine Seminar: “Microbial Monitoring and Testing: Adhering to best-in-practice procedures and test materials to check the bottling process and product quality”

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