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View Table of Contents Bucher Vaslin Cross Flow Filtration Bucher Vaslin has become the leader in cross flow filtration with innovations that allow winemakers to process juice, wine, and lees without the need for diatomaceous earth. The critical component to the Bucher Cross Flow Filter is the microporous membrane made specifically for wine filtration. This hydrophilic membrane allows for brilliantly clear filtered wine or juice, while limiting oxygen pickup and the removal of

desirable polyphenols and polysaccharides. Most notably, the Bucher Vaslin Cross Flow Filter operates at a very low pressure (0.7 bar

transmembrane pressure maximum), which is very important in maintaining wine quality. Integrated reverse flush pulse programming and hardware help maintain this low filtration pressure and also prevent premature plugging of the membranes, resulting in consistent and stable flow rates throughout the filtration. Bucher Vaslin Cross Flow Filters are fully automated, including water efficient onboard CIP systems, allowing winemakers to simply set up filtration runs and allow the machine to handle everything else.

Flavy X-Wine 10

Customer Testimonial - Coelho Winery

The new Bucher Vaslin Winect app provides remote monitoring of the Bucher Vaslin Cross Flow filter. This feature is only available on select models. Please contact your Gusmer rep for more information.

Chris Bertsche, Winemaker Coelho Winery - Amity, OR

“ Filtering was always a bottleneck at our facility, and countless hours were wasted trying to keep up with production. Our decision was to purchase a Bucher Vaslin Flavy X-Wine8 after months of research into the various crossflow systems on the market. Being a high-velocity winery with quick turnaround products, we needed a filter that could keep up, and the X-Wine 8 has certainly delivered. Speed aside, quality is of paramount importance, and there has

been a marked improvement in quality since the implementation of the X-Wine8 in our facility. I would recommend a Bucher cross flow to any winery that is looking for a top of the line system. ”

Garrett Lattanzio, Head Winemaker L’uva Bella Winery - Lowellville, OH

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