Gusmer Wine Catalog 2023-24

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Bucher Vaslin Cross Flow Filtration Bucher Vaslin Flavy Cross Flow Filters Bucher Vaslin offers a number of sizing options to accommodate any sized winery. The Flavy X-Wine 2 starts at 200 gph, and the Flavy X-Wine 10 can filter up to 3,000 gph. All of the Bucher Cross Flow Filters are fully automated, making the operation simple and very user friendly.

Learn how the Bucher Vaslin Cross Flow Wine Filtration Works

Flavy X-Wine 3

Bucher Filtration Membrane

Filter Juice Lees with the Flavy Crossflow Filter Bucher Vaslin has developed an add-on to their Flavy crossflow filters that allows a two-in-one solution for existing crossflow filters to be able to filter juice lees. Recover up to 80% clean usable juice from your lees without the need for an additional filtration unit.

Glass # 1 on the left: initial juice lees from tank bottom Glass # 2 on the right: sample of filtered juice

Quality Bucher Equipment, Quality Gusmer Service

BUCHER Vaslin Cross Flow Webinar: The Benefits of Using Cross Flow Filtration Technology

Gusmer Enterprises is factory trained by Bucher Vaslin to offer fast local service on cross flow filtration systems. From the time your unit is commissioned, Gusmer Enterprises will be there to make sure it operates perfectly and you have a partner for your filtration needs.

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