Gusmer Wine Catalog 2023-24

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Chr. Hansen Malolactic Bacteria Strains

With Chr. Hansen direct inoculation cultures of Oenococcus oeni , no starter preparation is needed. Just add the product directly from the bag to the must or wine. Available as a freeze dried product in three different pack sizes to treat 66 gallons, 660 gallons and 6,600 gallons. Viniflora ® Oenos • Selected for its exceptional ability to perform a quick and efficient malolactic fermentation in most wines • Good all around tolerance for low pH and high alcohol, along with a good temperature range • Used effectively in red and white wines Viniflora ® Oenos 2.0 • Contains all the positive attributes of Viniflora Oenos • Cinnamoyl esterase negative Viniflora ® CH11 • One of the newer strains developed by Chr. Hansen for its ability to ferment wines with very low pH and high alcohol • One of the fastest malolactic fermenters available • Performs well in both red and white wines Viniflora ® CiNe TM • Unique strain that does not metabolize citric acid, helping keep the fruit forward aromas • Does not produce buttery character also known as diacetyl • Has good tolerance for both alcohol and pH • Ideal strain to achieve a fast and clean malolactic fermentation in barrel aged red wines

Viniflora ® CH16 • Ability to ferment at high alcohol levels • Very effective at fermenting red wines and not producing high levels of VA

90 Second Overview of Viniflora ® CH16

90 Second Overview of Viniflora ® CH35 Viniflora ® CH35 • An extremely unique strain with superior ability to withstand high SO 2 and low pH • Best used in white wines that present difficulties for other strains • Promotes diacetyl production

“ I began using Gusmer CH16 malolactic bacteria for the harvest of 2007 and have been using it every harvest since then. Gusmer CH16 bacteria works extremely well in all of our varieties: Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Syrah and Chardonnay. When alcoholic fermentation has completed, I simply add the dry bacteria directly from the envelope to the barrels and replace the fermenting bung. The ML fermentations using CH16 are quick, clean and complete and don’t interfere with varietal character. ” Bob Mueller, Winemaker Mueller Winery - Windsor, CA

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