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World Leader in Bacterial Cultures for the Wine Industry

One of Chr. Hansen’s core competencies is microbial physiology. By investigating how bacterial cultures interact with their environment, valuable insight is gained into strain functionality and performance. As the world leader in bacterial cultures for the food industries, Chr. Hansen has committed R&D and advanced production resources to providing the best malolactic bacterial cultures to the wine industry. That is evident by the fact that Chr. Hansen Viniflora ® cultures are the most widely used malolactic cultures. Reliable and predictable, Viniflora bacteria cultures are trusted by more winemakers worldwide to get their wines through malolactic fermentation on time and with desirable organoleptic outcomes.

Not all strains of Oenococcus oeni are the same, nor are all malolactic bacterial preparations. Some strains are more tolerant to environmental parameters such as pH, temperature, sulfur dioxide and alcohol. That tolerance depends partly on the natural capabilities of the strain, but more importantly on a production process that properly adapts the cell to enter the harsh environment of wine. It takes properly conditioned cells to survive the freeze drying process, and the ultimate inoculation into wine, to assure a high degree of cell viability. Chr. Hansen preparations are not only tested for viability, but each batch of bacteria is also tested for the cell’s ability to convert malic acid to t to lactic acid. Only Chr. Hansen uses this “MACC” test (Malic Acid Conversion Capacity) as a quality control parameter for each batch produced. All Viniflora strains are tested for the correct number of viable cells and for the assurance that the cells have the desired level of malolactic activity in wine. That’s what separates Chr. Hansen from the rest.

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Duncan Hamm Chr. Hansen Senior Application Specialist Dept. of Wine & Fermented Beverages

Stewart Cameron, Winemaker Ancient Peaks Winery - Paso Robles, CA

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