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Ponndorf Spent Grain Removal (continued)

Ponndorf Spent Grain Removal

In its fourth generation of family ownership, with more than a century of experience, Ponndorf Anlagenbau GmbH are industry-leading experts in the field of spent grain handling. Offering a full line of pneumatic wet spent grain conveyors, spent grain silo plants and silo discharge units, Ponndorf has the entire spent grain handling process covered. With a line of equipment that combines the simplicity and efficiency that modern brewers desire while providing an easy-to-maintain, robust reliability that never goes out of style, it’s no wonder that Ponndorf equipment can be found in breweries worldwide.

Wet Spent Grains Silo Plants • Up to 400 m 3 storage capacities • Individually constructed and manufactured according to the international safety regulations • Completely equipped with injection domes, pig ball recovery systems, ladders and all safety railings and access features.

Conveyors - Stationary Units • 50 - 650 kg/min (110 - 1,433 lb/min) conveying performance • Large infeed shaft for defined filling of the conveying screw • Robust slip on gear mechanism • Integrated stopper (non-return valve) • Rinse water socket, manually or electro-pneumatically operated • Easy pipeline cleaning by means of a cleaning ball • Reliable operation, low maintenance

Spent Grain Removal Overview

Ponndorf Video Customer Testimonial

Watch the Ponndorf in operation at Ellicottville Brewing Co.

Conveyors - PONYfant © • PONYfant is a truly “plug and play” mobile pneumatic wet spent grains conveyor designed for pubs to small breweries. • Up to 45 kg/min (≤ 100 lbs/min) conveying performance • Mounted on a mobile frame with lockable casters and integral control cabinet, and include an energy efficient Becker air compressor, 100 ft of pressure hose with outlet discharge adapter and cleaning ball.

Andy Tveekrem, Brewmaster & Co-Founder Market Garden Brewery - Cleveland, OH

Wet Spent Grains Silo Dispenser Systems • 500 - 900 kg/min (1,102 - 1,984 lb/min) discharging performance

Ponndorf Video Customer Testimonial

• Robust slip on gear mechanism • Rinse water socket, manually or electro-pneumatically operated • Heated options for cold climate operation • Reliable operation, low maintenance

Eric Harper, Brewmaster Utepils Brewing Co. - Minneapolis, MN

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