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Chr. Hansen SmartBev TM Yeast & Bacteria for Brewing

Chr. Hansen SmartBev TM NEER ®

Fermentation. Redefined. Chr. Hansen is a sustainable global bioscience company that develops natural solutions for the food and beverage industries. Fermentation experts since 1893, Chr. Hansen now brings the largest collection of cultures in the world, along with the most highly skilled fermentation experts to the brewing industry. By combining our innovative concepts with your true brewing skills the industry has elevated its standard. SmartBev TM is Fermentation. Redefined. Frozen Liquid Yeast (FLY) FLY is a patented concept that Chr. Hansen uses for the wine and brewing industry to provide the pure and most active yeast for direct pitching. When kept at -50°F, cells are stable for up to 18 months. This means no propagation, no rehydration, and no prolonged acclimatization time needed.

A fast, sustainable and cost-efficient solution for brewing full-flavored beer without the alcohol. NEER is produced using Chr. Hansen’s proprietary production method which ensures high product performance, consistency and low risk of contamination. The NEER product is delivered on dry-ice as a 1 kg frozen block that, after thawing, can be transferred to the fermentation vessel using the sterile connection tube included in the package. NEER is highly concentrated, 1 bag can be used to inoculate 212-425 bbl of wort and normally finishes fermentation within 3-5 days. Minimal maturation of the beer is required. Non-alcoholic Brewing Process Comparison Most non-alcoholic beers suffer from inferior organoleptic properties due to the ‘side-effects’ of the physical removal of ethanol or the application of cold-contact with regular brewers’ yeasts. NEER is a traditional brewing solution, which can produce full bodied, flavorful, non-alcoholic beers using our patented Pichia kluyveri strain.

Discover a better way of brewing non-alcoholic beer

Key Features - The alcohol-free solution that doesn’t ask beer to compromise • Pichia kluyveri strain: Isolated in New Zealand, selected for fermentation characteristics and its ability to only ferment monosaccharides. • Frozen yeast: Direct pitching for convenience, speed and safety. From freezer to fermenter in 1 hour. • Fermentation characterstics: Enhanced fruit flavours (esters/thiols) and medium production of polysaccharides for next generation full flavoured, yet fresh alcohol free beer. • Production benefits: Without production of diacetyl, the concept allows for shortened maturation cycles. Chr. Hansen SmartBev TM Harvest LB-1 Chr. Hansen has developed a new freeze dried, direct

From Freezer to Fermenter in 1 Hour

inoculation culture of Lactobacillus plantarum . Chr. Hansen’s Harvest LB-1 is the first pure Lactobacillus plantarum culture selected specifically for sour beer production. Harvest LB-1 is a dairy free culture, with high cell viability, that produces clean and crisp flavors and aromas that are great for sour beer. Main Benefits • Kettle souring in less than 16 hours • Direct inoculation: 1 pouch for 8-10 bbl • Freeze-dried, ready when you need it Fermentation Characteristics • Optimal temperature range: 68-104 ° F • From pH 5.5 to 3.5 in 16 hours • Fast acidification of wort down to pH 3.2

Thawing - Place in water bath set to 80-85 °F for 1 hour. Temperature should not exceed 85 °F. Pitching - Pitch the yeast directly into the fermenter, propagator or sterilized transfer equipment.

Harvest LB-1 Video Customer Testimonial

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NEER is direct inoculation and used to produce full bodied, flavorful, non-alcoholic beers.

Frozen Liquid Yeast (FLY)

Low & Non-Alcoholic


61 - 72 °F

212 - 425 bbl

Pichia kluyveri

Harvest LB-1 is the first pure Lactobacillus plantarum culture selected specifically for sour beers. Direct inoculation, fast acidification pH 3.2 and hop tolerance <8 IBU.

Lactobacillus plantarum

Harvest LB-1


68 - 104 °F Sour Kettle 8 - 10 bbl

Ryan Jackle, Head Brewer Wise Man Brewing - Winston-Salem, NC

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