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Gusmer Enterprises Family owned since 1918 Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1918 to provide products to the brewing market. In 1924, Aage Gusmer incorporated our company as the exclusive distributor of a tank coating for the North and South American brewing industry. Today, Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. is a leading supplier of processing aids and equipment to the entire beverage industry, focusing on the beer, wine, juice, and distilled spirits. Gusmer continues to manufacture and exclusively represent many world-wide suppliers of superior products for fermentation applications. Gusmer also has developed a dominant leadership position in the manufacture and distribution of filtration products (depth filter material, fiber, sheets, stacks, cross flow). Gusmer’s manufacturing plants have achieved ISO 9001 status and GMP certification. In 2021, Gusmer broke ground on their 3rd US manufacturing facility in Hickory, NC. The 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility will focus on the production of liquid filtration media and devices. Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. continues to be privately held and actively managed by the Gusmer family. Gusmer is proud of the long-term collaborative partnerships that we continue to grow and develop with all employees, customers, and suppliers. Service with Knowledge ® is our hallmark, providing stellar service with a consultative sales approach and in-house technical expertise. Continuous improvement and innovation are the heart of Gusmer as we seek to be your “Go To Provider”.

Every Beer Has A Story... We know that every beer has a story and that every brewer can make their own mark within the industry. That’s why we are proud to feature the Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co, the only Brewery and Distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, for this year’s catalog.

Owned and operated by the Lyons Family with seventh-generation brewers and distillers that continue to carry on the family legacy of passion and innovation, continually chasing the best flavors and highest quality possible. It all started long before the bottle, with an idea; The Bourbon Behind the Beer. The brewery and distillery form a marriage of skills that drives the one-of-a-kind flavor in their beers and whiskies. The bourbon behind the beer is the award- winning Town Branch ® Bourbon made with a higher-malt mash. It is aged in new, charred white oak barrels for a golden amber color and incredibly rich, complex flavors that make this bourbon timeless. However, the life of the barrel is just the beginning. Once the barrels

Aage Gusmer Founder of Gusmer Enterpises, Inc.

New Manufacturing Facility Hickory, NC - OPENING 2022!

are decanted, freshly brewed Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale ® goes into the barrels to be aged for a minimum of six weeks, no compromises, absorbing flavors of vanilla and oak char as it rests. This process is beer done right, and this is the beer of Bourbon County.

Malek Variomaster Keg Washing & Filling at Lexington Brewing Co. Josh Lourie - Facilities, Projects & Maintenance Manager

Oak Avantage ® Oak Adjuncts Cellu-Flo Fiber Filter Aids Cellu-Stack ® Lenticular Filter Cartridges & Filter Housings Cellupore CSF Series Filter Sheets Carbac ® Carbon Filter Media Micro Elements ® Beer Fermentation Nutrients Micro Elements ® Hard Seltzer Fermentation Nutrients Micro Essentials TM Cider Fermentation Nutrients KICK Carrageenan ® Kettle Fining Agents Oak-Mor ® Oak Adjuncts Gusmer is also proud to partner with the following companies: Gusmer is the proud manufacturer of the following products:

While the beer goes onto bottling, the barrels continue their life with a third filling to create Town Branch ® Kentucky Single Malt Whiskey. Aged for a minimum of seven years, the oldest Kentucky single malt stocks in the world rest within the Town Branch Distillery. The barrels finish their journey by making their way to Dublin, Ireland to be used for a 4th fill of Irish Whiskey in the Pearse Lyons Distillery Products made with sustainability in mind and innovation at their core. We make use of every barrel’s entire lifespan. Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co is creating products filled with passion, crafting something genuinely unique. “The Bourbon behind the Beer” creates flavors you have to taste to believe. Like Gusmer, Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co realizes that producing great beer is both an art and a science. At Gusmer, we have the technical staff and product lines that honor the rich history of the brewing process, while always looking to innovate.The cornerstone of Gusmer Enterprises’ culture is to work diligently in providing an intimate and personal customer experience to each and every individual who buys from us. We are happy to offer new ground-breaking products including the Malek CAN-DO can filler, Gusmer’s Micro Elements ® Hard Seltzer HG Nutrient and updated IFF enzyme offerings. We know these products and others can help at your brewery and we look forward to working together in helping to make your story-telling beer.

Wishing You Every Brewing Success, Your Friends at Gusmer Enterprises, Inc.


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