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SmartBev™ Lager and Ale in the frozen liquid yeast (FLY) format For optimizing yeast management in breweries with a new format of high-quality, high-purity yeast Chr. Hansen’s SmartBev yeast are designed to help the brewing industry optimize its yeast program by delivering the product in a frozen pouch format that ensures high CFU, high activity levels and optimal purity. The FLY format keeps the yeast dormant in an active state, making it ready to use as soon as it is thawed. With SmartBev frozen liquid yeast, brewers can look forward to the following: • Increased efficiency, enabling producers to skip the cultivation steps that can lead to inconsistent outcomes • Increased agility from a continuous on-site stock that can be made ready to use within one hour • An established logistics network created by Chr. Hansen and made available to our customers: we have the supply chain in place to ensure the products that reach you have retained their superior quality • No CAPEX required, saving producers time and increasing the consistency of their brewing outcomes.

Traditional Yeast Propagation

Yeast Propagation with SmartBev TM FLY SmartBev TM Larger - TUM 34/70 SmartBev TM Ale - TUM 210

3-7 days

Lab propagation

5-18 days saved


1-3 days

Carlsberg Flask

3-5 days

2-4 days





7-15 days

7-8 days



5-10 cycles

3-5 days

Yeast harvest

Yeast Harvest

The original TUM 34/70 and TUM 210 from TUM Research Center Weihenstephan for Brewing and Food Quality are available in FLY format as SmartBev™ Lager – TUM 34/70 and SmartBev™ Ale – TUM 210. Chr. Hansen and Weihenstephan have collaborated to offer these classic yeast strains in a new, innovative format, ensuring a high- quality, easy-to-use product for every brew. • SmartBev™ Lager – TUM 34/70 is a renowned, bottom-fermenting strain ( Saccharomyces pastorianus ssp. Carlsbergensis ) that originates from Bavaria and is used to make German Lager. Now available in FLY format, this product features excellent diacetyl reduction and pronounced ester levels. • SmartBev™ Ale – TUM 210 makes the versatile TUM 210 yeast available in a new, efficient format. This yeast is an English ale (top-fermenting) POF negative strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that yields a low fruitiness. It can be used for English- as well as American-style ales when the fermentation temperature is used to control ester production. Main Benefits RESEARCH ARTICLE Frozen bottom-fermenting yeast – the format of the future

• Reducing complexity in planning and workflow • Time reduction and flexibility in production • Consistency in propagation and production


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