Gusmer Brewing Catalog 2023-24

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MICROBIOLOGICAL TESTS Microscopic Exam scan for microbes and debris (plating may be recommended to determine viability) Cost: $25 / sample Volume: 2 ml

CHEMICAL TESTS Calories Cost: $25 / sample Volume: 24 oz Mineral & Metal Analyses iron / copper / calcium / sodium Cost: $50 / sample Volume: 50 ml

Culture, Direct – unpackaged beer yeast / mold / bacteria – UBA, MRS Cost: $25 / sample Volume: 2 ml yeast / mold only – UBA Cost: $20 / sample Volume: 2 ml

PREPARING AND SENDING SAMPLES 1. In order to ensure the most accurate analysis, please send full (topped) containers of beer optimally packaged for shipping to minimize breakage. 2. Download and submit a completed Analysis Request Form with your samples. A form can be obtained at or by calling 707.224.7903. 3. If specific label information is required on the report, please make sure that this information is supplied on the sample request. 4. Samples may be sent via UPS or FedEx. The US Postal Service does not accept alcohol for shipping. Samples may also be dropped off in person.

bacteria only – MRS Cost: $15 / sample Volume: 2 ml Culture, Membrane Filtration – packaged beer yeast / mold / bacteria – UBA, MRS Cost: $40 / sample Volume: 12 oz yeast / mold only – UBA Cost: $25 / sample Volume: 12 oz

bacteria only – MRS Cost: $25 / sample Volume: 12 oz Yeast Count Viability NucleoCounter Cost: $35 / sample Volume: 100 ml

Gusmer’s Technical Applications Team Gusmer Enterprises is committed to providing Service with Knowledge and our technical application support embodies providing Service with Knowledge to our customers. Our core focus at the Gusmer Technical Applications Center in Fresno, CA is to provide real-time & commercial technical product application expertise to our customers. We are a diverse team of Chemists, Microbiologists and Scientists that are driven to support our customers by delivering solutions to optimize upstream and downstream processing in the beverage industry. We understand that each customers processes is unique. Therefore, we make product recommendations by bench scale testing and on-site trial support to ensure our customers achieve the best end product. We work with our sales team to consult and share results with our customers. Our key technical application services includes but not limited to optimizing fermentation nutrients, fining agents, enzymes, oak adjuncts, yeast and filtration. Customers can reach out to their local Gusmer technical sales representative to discuss how Gusmer’s Technical Application team can assist in addressing and troubleshooting their processes.

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