Gusmer Brewing Catalog 2023-24

View Table of Contents CDR BeerLab ® Real. Convenient. Chemistry. Gusmer Enterprises has partnered with CDR s.r.l. to become the exclusive US distributor of the CDR BeerLab. The CDR BeerLab is a robust, maintenance-free LED photometer with built-in brewing software that provides brewers a reliable platform to perform rapid, enzymatic- based wet chemistry. Reagents and cuvettes for specific tests are bundled together in lot controlled, process validated test kits, ensuring a high degree of convenience and analytical precision. Step by step instructions are displayed on screen during a measurement session, helping to streamline the chemistry. Results are obtained in a matter of minutes, providing brewers key information to make rapid decisions.

CDR BeerLab Overview

• Fermentable Sugars • Bitterness (IBU) • Lactic Acid (D + L) • Color CDR ANALYSIS BEER

• Alcohol by Volume (ABV) • Vicinal Diketons (VDKs) • Yeast Vitality • Calcium

• pH • Starch • Acetic acid • Carbohydrates

• Polyphenols • FAN • Total SO 2 • Zinc


• Alkalinity • Calcium

• Magnesium • Bicarbonate

• Chloride • Potassium

• Sulfate • Zinc

CDR BeerLab ® Junior Tailored for the most important analysis.

Designed with a small footprint and a featuring a lithium- ion battery, the portable BeerLab Junior is a trimmed down alternative to the BeerLab at an attractive cost. The BeerLab Junior can be customized with three parameters, providing brewers the most most crucial data with the same reliability and precision as the BeerLab.

Gusmer keeps a number of BeerLab analyzers and reagent kits in-stock, ready for immediate shipment. Contact your Gusmer technical representative for a quote or additional information.

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