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Beer Stabilization (continued)

BASF Divergan ® F and Divergan ® RS PVPP (Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone) Gusmer is a major distributor of Divergan F to the beer industry. Manufactured by BASF, Divergan F is used throughout the world to chill haze stabilize beer. BASF’s unique polymerization process produces the purest polyvinylpolypyrrolidone, which more selectively adsorbs the polyphenols that can cause instabilities. There is evidence that Divergan F also helps to stabilize flavor through the reduction of flavonoid polyphenols, which are particularly prone to polymerize into products of higher molecular weight and potential bitter flavor. Divergan F works quickly, and its short contact time means it can frequently be dosed inline, but it can also be dosed in a batch method. Divergan RS is a regenerable PVPP, which works in the same manner, but offers some economies to larger facilities that are set up to regenerate it. Alone: 10-30 g/hL (~2.5-7.75 lb/100 US bbl) With Silica: 10-20 g/hL (~2.5-5.0 lb/100 US bbl) Alone: 25-40 g/hL (~5-10 lb/100 US bbl). With Silica: 10-30 g/hL (~2.5-7.75 lb/100US bbl) Contact time: 5 minutes Polyphenol removal effectiveness: 55% of mass Dose Rate: Beer more than 65% malt Particle Size: ~ 50 um Dose Rate: Beer up to 65% malt

PQ Corporation BRITESORB ® A100 – ( Silica Hydrogel ) Silica Hydrogel is an amorphous silica powder, which is non-dusting and free flowing, and has a moisture content of approximately 65%. BRITESORB A100 works through size exclusion. The surface of BRITESORB A100 is engineered with a moderately sized porosity, which selectively allows for the internal adsorption of haze-forming proteins while retarding the entry of larger, foam-positive proteins. An excellent choice for chillproofing lighter style beers, BRITESORB A100 has a high permeability factor that allows for faster filtration rates and longer filter runs.

Particle Size: ~ 16 um Dose Rate: Beer up to 65% malt

40-50 g/hL (~10-12 lb/100 US bbl)

Dose Rate: Beer more than 65% malt

50-70 g/hL (~12-17 lb/100 US bbl)

Contact time: 20 minutes Permeability: 0.15 D’Arcy Sizes: 50 lb bags

PQ Corporation BRITESORB ® D300 – ( Silica Xerogel ) Silica Xerogel is an amorphous, free flowing powder of approximately 5% moisture content. Pound for pound, it is a more effective stabilizer than Silica Hydrogel. BRITESORB D300 utilizes the same adsorption principals as A100, but in addition, BRITESORB D300 is activated by a patented process that increases its affinity for sensitive protein. This typically allows for short contact times and reduced dose rates. A good candidate to stabilize difficult brews, BRITESORB D300 has a good permeability factor and can be used in conjunction with PVPP.

Divergan F Sizes: 20 kg drums Divergan RS Size: 20 kg drums

Particle Size: ~ 12 um Dose Rate: Beer up to 70% malt

25-40 g/hL (~6-10 lb/100 US bbl) Dose Rate: Beer more than 70% malt 40-60 g/hL (~10-15 lb/100 US bbl)

Contact time: 5 minutes Permeability: 0.05 D’Arcy Sizes: 40 lb bags

Micrograph of Divergan ® F (PVPP)

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