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Gusmer is pleased to introduce interesting and unique strains of yeast that have proven to be strong tools in the production of premium beverages. As a supplier of yeast to the alcoholic beverage industry for decades, Gusmer has many strains of specialized yeast that were selected for their abilities to perform alcoholic fermentations and make positive contributions to the organoleptic profile. We provide yeast strains with proven kinetics and the ability to produce aromatic and mouthfeel constituents, or the inability to produce certain negative metabolites – such as hydrogen sulfide. We work exclusively with Chr. Hansen and Renaissance Yeast, two leaders in the production of yeast for the beverage industry. Renaissance Yeast is a leader in the development of classical crossbred (non-GMO) H 2 S-preventing Saccharomyces yeast, based on a unique strain of yeast, UCD932, that was recently isolated by the University of California, Davis which is naturally incapable of producing hydrogen sulfide. Renaissance has developed a full range of yeasts bred specifically for their favorable fermentation attributes in hard seltzer. Each strain has a proven lineage, and is metabolically incapable of producing hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide, even at levels below threshold, binds delicate aromas. Hard seltzer, produced with Renaissance Saccharomyces strains, that contain no hydrogen sulfide are bright, clean and have outstanding aromas. Renaissance Yeast

Allegro TM Saccharomyces cerevisiae bayanus • Imparts layers of fresh fruit with aromas such as esters, producing premium fruit forward seltzers • Moderate fermenter • Alcohol Tolerance up to 16% v/v, Temp Range: 50 – 82 °F (10 – 28 °C) Viva TM Saccharomyces cerevisiae bayanus • Works well under a diverse set of conditions and benefits • Alcohol Tolerance up to 16% v/v, Temp Range: 50 – 77 °F (10 – 25 °C) Avante TM Saccharomyces cerevisiae • Showcases the natural aromatics of fruit w/ hints of apple blossom & caramel • Noted for strong fermentation kinetics • Tolerant of high alcohols (up to 17% v/v), Temp Range: 55 – 86 °F (13 – 30 °C) Chr. Hansen Chr. Hansen has developed a yeast program founded both on standard Saccharomyces yeast and non- Saccharomyces yeast. Chr. Hansen yeast gives options to accentuate flavor, aroma and mouthfeel in the production of distinct and high quality hard seltzers. Merit TM 100% Saccharomyces cerevisiae • Ideal for sparkling base and delicate fruit seltzers with crisp and sharp flavors • Strong and clean fermentation kinetics • Tolerant of high alcohols (up to 17% v/v), Temp Range: 50 – 90 °F (10 – 32 °C)

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