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Chr. Hansen FrootZen TM

Viniflora FrootZen is the first commercial yeast preparation based on a pure strain of Pichia kluyveri . This non- Saccharomyces yeast strain is specifically noted for its ability to enhance tropical fruit intensity and mouthfeel in white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling and fruit forward rosé and red wines. FrootZen is an extremely powerful producer of the volatile thiol aromas 3-MHA (passion fruit) and 3-MH (grapefruit), and significantly boosts flavor compounds such as “peach, citrus and mineral”. Since its launch in 2011, it has been widely adopted into wine programs in North America, New Zealand, France, Spain and other regions known for bright, aromatic wines. Use FrootZen with your favorite Saccharomyces yeast in a sequential inoculation. Known as the “quiet fermenter”, this strain of Pichia kluyveri does not create noticeable amounts of CO 2 , and a treated tank will appear to be very still. However, the fermentation is still progressing as evident by the noticeable increase in fruit aromas associated with the yeast and the 1 - 3 degree drop in brix over a three-day period. After FrootZen has done its job, inoculate with the Saccharomyces of choice to complete the fermentation. FrootZen is also the first commercial yeast preparation for winemakers which is meant for direct inoculation into grape juice – frozen so no rehydration is required. Chr. Hansen has developed the technology to freeze yeast and offer it as a fully hydrated, direct inoculation product. It comes in a 500 g pack which treats 1,320 gallons, and is delivered to your winery on dry ice. It can be stored for a short time on dry ice until used, or for longer term storage, in a -40 °C freezer.

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Greg Kitchens, Director of Winemaking Don Sebastiani & Sons - Napa, CA

Example: Viniflora ® FrootZen™ to boost tropical fruit flavors Increase in thiol levels when co-fermenting Sauvignon Blanc with FrootZen ( Pichia kluyveri ) at 14ºC/57°F

Thiol 3-MHA (ng/L)




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Lisa Strid, Winemaker Aridus Wine Company - Willcox, AZ



Saccharomyces only

FrootZen + Saccharomyces

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