Gusmer Wine Catalog 2023-24

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Gusmer Analytical Services Special Tests & Panels

Filtration Test Is this the right filter sheet for my wine? The Filtration Test will provide you with pre- and post-filtration NTU readings as well as a recommended filter sheet specification for optimal filtration. To complete a Filtration Test we will need your current filter sheet specifications and total lot volume. Sample volume can then be calculated. We also offer multi-sheet testing for customers who would like pre- and post-filtration NTU reading on a number of different filter sheets. We only require additional filter sheet specifications and samples of wine. Sulfide Detection Many wines are flawed with the off-aromas of sulfides. These compounds range from hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans to the higher molecular weight disulfides. The lower weight compounds tend to be treatable with copper alone, while the higher weight compounds first require treatment with ascorbic acid. Our Sulfide Detection and Treatment Panel uses varying levels of ascorbic acid and copper sulfate, followed by sensory trials to determine the nature and treatment of sulfide problems.

Export Panel We have TTB certified chemists to perform the required analysis and help prepare the VI-1 form for export. Please call 707.224.7903 to discuss your needs, and for further information. Membrane Filterability Will my wine prematurely clog my sterile membrane? The Membrane Filterability test will provide a “clogging index”- a numerical value that will tell you if the wine is ready to be sterile filtered or if further depth filtration is needed. The test requires 500 ml of wine and should be done not more than 5 days prior to sterile filtration/bottling. Juice Panels and Organic Acids We offer two harvest juice panels - our regular juice panel and an extended juice panel that contains an organic acid profile (analyses shown on following pages). The organic acid profile will quantify tartaric, malic, lactic, acetic, succinic, and citric acid. The organic acid profile can be done on any sample.

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