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Micro Essentials TM Nutrient Addition Chart for Tablets How to Determine Required Micro Essentials TM Tablet Addition Using the Graph Below 1) Measure the YAN level in juice. 2) Determine the fermentation conditions from the list on the previous page. If none of the conditions from the list on the previous page are present, regard the fermentation as Easy ( blue ), one or two of the conditions Difficult ( green ), and more than two conditions Challenging ( purple ). 3) Find the measured YAN level on the Y axis, and move across the graph horizontally to the color indicating your fermentation condition. Move straight down for the product recommendation and dosage. Example: If you have a YAN of 160 and Difficult ( green ) conditions, you should add 2 lbs Micro Essentials Prime, 3 lbs Micro Essentials Complete-TR, and 2 lbs Micro Essentials Boost-TR per 1,000 gal.

Micro Essentials Prime may be replaced by 1 lb of Micro Essentials Complete-TR where rehydration nutrition is not desired

“ I am a small winery that is looking for results and complexity. The use of the MicroEssentials Complete has allowed me the extra time to focus on fermentations and vineyards, instead of making additions. Time, something you can never take back. Complexity that I only have one time to achieve. ”

Jeff Cohn, Winemaker & Owner Jeff Cohn Cellars - Oakland, CA

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