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Gusmer Enterprises Micro Essentials TM Nutrients

Gusmer’s Micro Essentials ™ fermentation nutrients include a complete range of supplements for yeast rehydration, primary fermentation and malolactic fermentation. Micro Essentials nutrient formulations incorporate findings from the latest research and are based on premium ingredients. Our complex supplements contain highly refined polypeptides and amino acids, and a full spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals and yeast survival factors for a rich source of compounds that are highly assimilable by yeast and bacteria. These nutrients comply fully with the TTB regulations and are produced locally in our own facility, under GMP conditions. Used to support cell growth, general metabolism, protein synthesis and alcohol tolerance, fermentation nutrients contribute greatly to healthy fermentations and help guard against the formation of hydrogen sulfide and other unwanted metabolites. Gusmer’s Micro Essentials nutrients are designed to fit any wine production protocol.

Customer Testimonial

Stewart Cameron, Winemaker Ancient Peaks Winery - Paso Robles, CA

Nutrients for Yeast Micro Essentials Prime yeast rehydration nutrient provides assimilable organic nitrogen and micronutrients, without DAP. The addition of bioavailable nutrients during yeast rehydration helps to ensure survival during the stressful transition of inoculation. Studies comparing Micro Essentials Prime to other yeast rehydration nutrients show Micro Essentials Prime to provide a healthier and faster fermentation -- even at a lower dose rate. Micro Essentials Powder is a full spectrum nutrient blend in powdered form, which is dosed into the must during inoculation, and as required during alcoholic fermentation. It is recommended for use in both red and white wine fermentations when juice analysis shows low levels of YAN or when fermentation conditions prove challenging. Micro Essentials Trace is a pure vitamin and mineral complex, used to supplement other yeast nutrients when additional micronutrients are required. Time-Release Nutrients for Yeast Winemakers commonly make incremental additions of nutrients during the first half of the fermentation as a means to manage the fermentation rate through the quantity and composition of available nutrients. The nutrient demand is greatest during the exponential phase, when cells require more organic nitrogen rich compounds to reach the desired level of biomass. This leaves limited nutrients available for subsequent generations of yeast to maintain the biomass through to the end of fermentation. Incremental addition assures nutrient availability to these later generations of yeast. The Micro Essentials Complete-TR and Micro Essentials Boost-TR were developed as a solution to the logistical difficulties of incremental additions. Nutrients are compressed into tablets creating a distinct time-release profile, delivering the proper dose and composition of nutrients as needed throughout the fermentation -- but with a single addition. Micro Essentials Complete-TR is a combination of two tablets, each with a distinct time-release profile and nutrient composition. Both tablets are added together at the onset of inoculation. One tablet contains a higher percentage of organically derived nitrogen, along with inorganic nitrogen, vitamins, minerals and yeast survival factors and has a faster dissolution rate. This tablet provides the nutrients required to build biomass during the exponential phase. The other tablet is formulated with the same ingredients, but has a higher percentage of inorganic nitrogen and a slower

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