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MilliporeSigma Filters for Microbial Management

MilliporeSigma Bevliner TM Filter Housings

MilliporeSigma’s Bevliner T-line configured filter housings are economical, high quality, sanitary housings used throughout the beverage industry. Bevliner housings are available in the appropriate size for any application and are both CE and ASME compliant, meeting all design and manufacturing standards. Each Bevliner housing comes complete with a sight glass assembly including two vent valves and dual-scale pressure gauge, support legs, ball valve, tri-clamp end cap and the required clamps and gaskets for the included accessories. Please inquire about choosing the right MilliporeSigma Bevliner housing for your application. Materials of Construction •  All metal surfaces in contact with product are 316 stainless steel • Seals are silicone (internal inlet / outlet connection seal to housing is PTFE, Teflon polymer) • Mechanical polish (MP) – All housing stainless steel wetted parts are mechanically polished: Ra <0.8 µm (<32 microinches) valves, gaskets and o-rings are in good working order (housing o-rings should be replaced on a regular basis). • Carefully remove the cartridge from the packaging material and inspect. Use caution when opening the filter bag – scissors are recommended. Each filter cartridge is stamped with the grade and comes with a quality certificate in the box. Verify that the correct filter is being installed for the intended application. • Wet the o-rings with water and install into the housing, being careful not to roll the o-rings upon installation. • Run ambient temperature water* through cartridges under a little back pressure to fully wet out the filter media. Sterilization & Cleaning • MilliporeSigma recommends the use of hot water* (180 °F for 30 minutes) for sterilization of filters and filter housings (time period starts when the housing outlet comes to temperature). Once the proper temperature is reached, take care to use only a low hot water flow and low differential pressure.

Sterile Filtration Applications - Vitipore ® II and Vitipore ® II Plus Constructed with a symmetrical polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane, the Vitipore II and Vitipore II Plus cartridges have been engineered to meet the rigorous and varied conditions of distilling filtration, sterilization and cleaning regimens. MilliporeSigma’s sterile membrane filters have a solid reputation for high flow rates and long service life, with a very low affinity for protein and pigment binding. Featuring a built-in prefilter layer, no other cartridge gives as much throughput as the Vitipore II Plus. Available in 0.22 μm, 0.45 μm, 0.65 μm and 1.0 μm (absolute) pore sizes. Depth and Nominal Cartridge Filtration – Bevigard ™ M and Polygard ® CR MilliporeSigma’s dual-layer 1.2 μm over 0.5 μm pleated Bevigard M prefilter offers either the tightest protection of sterile membrane filters or an incredibly retentive cartridge for final filtrations that only require particle removal or microbial reduction and not microbial sterility. The Polygard CR is a wrapped depth cartridge that offers an efficient combination of high dirt holding capacity and high retention. The high dirt loading capacity of the Polygard CR makes it a reliable trap filter for DE or carbon fines in distilleries. The Polygard CR is available in pore size ratings up to 100 μm. Clarification filters are an ideal bottling filter when sterile filtration is not required. MilliporeSigma has dozens of other prefiltration and clarification cartridges that can be matched to specific distilling applications. For over 50 years, MilliporeSigma has supplied distilleries around the world with microbial management solutions to monitor and remove microorganisms and other contaminants from spirits. Trusted as the “gold standard” by generations of distillers, MilliporeSigma products for clarification, pre-sterile and sterile filtration will ensure microbial stability while maintaining quality, clarity, flavor and aroma. Gusmer is proud to offer a full range of MilliporeSigma products, including those for filtration and microbial monitoring at bottling and throughout the distillery.

Gusmer keeps some models of Bevliner housings in stock, ready for immediate shipment. Contact your Gusmer technical representative for more information. Application Notes For MilliporeSigma Filters Installation • Assure that the housing, pressure gauges,

• Each hot water cycle should always be preceded and followed by an ambient water rinse cycle. Use filtered, softened water for wetting, cleaning, and sterilization to avoid fouling the cartridges. • If hot water is not available, the filters are compatible with a wide range of sanitation chemicals. Please consult your Gusmer representative for specific information. • Ensure that filter housings remain vented during cleaning and sterilization. • It is recommended to start each cleaning cycle with at least 5 minutes of cold water flow. Temperature should then be gradually increased to its final cleaning temperature (typically 180 °F). A longer warm water rinse is beneficial to cleaning. Filters should never be contacted with a temperature above 135 °F without first rinsing with cold/warm water* to acheive maximum throughput. • Some filters can be backflushed. Please consult your Gusmer representative for specific information. • Avoid pressure shocks and water hammer especially during cleaning/sanitation with hot fluids.

MilliporeSigma Filter Cartridge Configuration

Do you know your total cost of filtration? An efficient facility must operate on a Total Cost of Filtration basis. This method of operating recognizes that superior filter performance will yield better process economics over time. A Total Cost of Filtration approach also recognizes that factors influenced by filter performance are often more costly than the filters themselves. These factors include: • Filter cartridge cost • Cleaning and sterilization water and chemicals • Beer lost or damaged • Quality assurance personnel and materials • Bottling line downtime and labor • Product holds • Product spoilage and recalls A high quality filter cartridge is key to maximizing total throughput and reducing the total cost of filtration. Code 7 2-226 O-ring locking tab outlet bayonet spear top MilliporeSigma filter cartridges are available in 10, 20 and 30-inch lengths and Code 7, Code F, Code 5 and Code 0 configurations. For specific recommendations or information, please contact your Gusmer representative. Code 0 2-222 O-ring outlet Code 5 2-222 O-ring outlet bayonet spear top

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