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Application Notes For MilliporeSigma Filters (continued)

MilliporeSigma MVP Icon Rapid ATP Detection and HACCP Management

Operation • Differential pressure (inlet minus outlet pressure) should be monitored regularly. Differential pressure increases as the filters plug, eventually leading to a loss of flow through the filter. Differential pressure increases exponentially. It may take many weeks to reach 80% plugged, but only a few hours for the final plugging to occur. • A common practice at breweries is to terminate the filtration and clean or change the cartridge(s) when the differential pressure reaches 30 psi. • Operate the process at the lowest, consistent flow rate to have a positive effect on filter performance. A higher face velocity leads to faster plugging. • Avoid pressure shocks and water hammer on the line. • Ensure that the top of the housing dome is periodically vented during production to remove any gas buildup that may overlap the filters. Integrity Testing • Integrity testing is only conducted on final membrane cartridges and is conducted per the recommended specifications of the manufacturer for the specific membrane used. Integrity testing is conducted after the sanitation cycle, both prior to and after the bottling run. There are a few different methods for integrity testing, of which the bubble point and pressure hold methods are the most common. The bubble point method is recommended for housings with three or less cartridges and the pressure hold method is recommended for housings with greater than three cartridges. Please consult your Gusmer representative for detailed information on integrity testing methods and specifications. • Every MilliporeSigma sterile membrane filter cartridge is integrity tested by MilliporeSigma twice prior to packaging. Damage caused to cartridges by shipping, installation or process improprieties, or housing and valve issues are usually manifested as gross integrity test failure.

Cartridge Storage • Intermediate storage (overnight or over a weekend) can be done in the filter housing. Flush the filters with warm water, sterilize the housing and pressurize with 5 psi of nitrogen. The nitrogen keeps the housing under a positive pressure. • Long-term storage is best done outside of the filter housings. Four inch PVC piping capped at both ends is frequently used to store the individual cartridges in a solution of 350 ppm sulfur dioxide that has been adjusted to a pH of 3.5 with citric acid. This solution should be tested every month and replaced as necessary. Ethanol at approximately 40% may also be used for long term storage. Remove o-rings from the cartridges prior to storage and store the o-rings in a clean and dry place. • Reinstall the o-rings, rinse, sterilize and integrity test stored cartridges prior to resuming bottling filtration.

Gusmer is proud to announce a new offering from MilliporeSigma, the MVP Icon. The MVP Icon is an innovative tool that rapidly detects and records the presence of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule found in all living cells such as yeast or bacteria, including those in food and beverage residues. Swab a surface in the distillery, activate the swab’s sampling device, and record the measurement in seconds. An indication of the level of ATP present on any given surface provides an indication of cleanliness and the efficacy of cleaning processes. Routine monitoring of ATP levels at critical points in the distilling process can provide the opportunity to optimize cleaning and sanitation protocols and prevent sanitation-based quality problems before they start. Unique to the MVP Icon is MilliporeSigma’s validated Zones of Cleanliness system. This system is an easy to understand quantitative indication of cleanliness, using a 0-5 scale. A result below 2.5 is considered a “Pass”, a result between 2.5-3.0 indicates trace amounts of ATP, and a surface with a result above 3.0 should be cleaned again and retested. Although the MVP Icon can also be configured to read in Relative Light Units (RLU), the Zones of Cleanliness system simplifies the monitoring process and provides convenience to distilling sanitation programs.

MilliporeSigma MVP Icon Demo

The MVP Icon can also be used in conjunction with the MVP Icon Dashboard Software, a PC based application that provides a status snapshot of your sanitation program by generating analytical trending and performance reports. The software also allows you to establish and monitor a testing schedule, providing you with assurance that your HACCP program is properly managed.

Technical Application Briefs Available to download online

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