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Gusmer Enterprises Carbac ® Carbon Filter Media

Gusmer Enterprises Cellu-Stack ® Filters

Carbac carbon impregnated lter media is an excellent solution to the hassle and mess of working with loose, powdered carbons. A composite of the nest charge- modi ed cellulose pulps, premium activated powdered carbon and inorganic lter aids, the Carbac media has been formulated specifically for its ability to adsorb color, aroma and flavor compounds from distilled spirits. It is an excellent tool for the nal color and avor adjustments in brown spirits and complete color removal in white spirits. The Carbac carbon impregnated lter media is available to fit any size plate filter press or in a lenticular cartridge form. Benefits • Clean and convenient reduction in color, flavor and aroma with consistent results • A fixed bed of carbon provides improved efficiencies over the use of loose powdered carbon • Manufactured under strict quality control guidelines to ensure uniform and consistent performance • Can meet the needs of specific applications through a variety of grades • Available in a sheet or a Cellu-Stack ® lenticular cartridge format • Grade selection and process optimization support is available through Gusmer’s application laboratories

Gusmer Enterprises’ Cellu-Stacks are a convenient way to utilize depth filtration media in an enclosed system. Offered in many filter media grades, these stack filters can be used for coarse, fine and presterile filtration in numerous filtration applications. • Full range of filter media grades with high adsorptive and retention properties • Clean and safe filtration method when dealing with elevated pressures, temperatures, etc. • Convenient operation with short setup or changeover times • Small process footprint • Designed to conform with GMP • Highly economical with minimal maintenance and low operating costs • Protection of filtrate against spoilage in an enclosed depth filtration system

Stack Specifications

176 o F (80 o C)

Max. Operating Temperature Steam in Place - 3 cycles Max. Differential Pressure Recommended Rinse Volume

Grades Description 1640HCX** Available Grades

253 o F (123 o C)

Chemically activated wood; ideal for flavor, odor and color removal.

30 psid (2.1 bar)

Contact your Gusmer representative for the optimal grade selection for your filtration application.

1640CRX* Chemically activated pine-wood; especially suited for decolorization. 1640CRM**

2.5 gal/ft 2 (100L/m 2 )

*Available in sheet form only **Available in sheet or Cellu-Stack® con gurations

Gusmer Enterprises Cellu-Stack ® Housings Gusmer Enterprises also offers a complete line of Cellu-Stack filter housings designed as a cost-effective system for high capacity liquid filtration applications. The versatile sanitary housing line accommodates either 12” or 16” diameter Cellu-Stack filter cartridges with the effective filtration surface area ranging from 17.7 ft 2 - 160.0 ft 2 . All housings are available in 1, 2, 3, or 4-cartridge versions, which can be modified with the use of Cellu-Stack adapters to accept fewer cartridges for partial batch runs or other applications requiring fewer cartridges. ASME stamped housings are also available if required. Cellu-Stack Application Notes:

Sheet Properties

Grade Designation

Thickness (mm)

Mass per unit Area (gsm)

1640HCX 1640CRX 1640CRM

4.20 3.95 6.10


Mean Pore Size




Note: Test results are typical.



Gusmer Carbac ® Video Demo Filtration to Remove Color





• P lace a quick acting check valve at the housing outlet to avoid integrity breaches that can be caused by backpressure • D ouble check that all cartridge gaskets are in place and in good condition to ensure optimal sealing • If filter life is not fully exhausted by a single filtration, DO NOT remove used filters from the housing for storage between uses. Instead, used filters can be stored IN the housing for short term periods by following these steps: - Shut Down: After completion of the filtration cycle, sanitize the filters with the same method used to prepare the filters (i.e. steam or hot water flush) - S torage: Drain the housing, apply 2 psi gas pressure (i.e. CO 2 , nitrogen) while the housing is still warm (to avoid a vacuum upon cooling) and close all ports - R estart: When restarting for another filtration cycle, repeat the sanitization procedure just as you would for normal filter preparation

Standard Carbac Grades

Adsorption Capacity







1640 CRM 1640 CRX 1640HCX Standard Carbac Grades Challenged with 50 mg/liter methylene blue @ 46 liters/min/sq m. media

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