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Gusmer Enterprises Micro Elements ® Hard Seltzer HG Nutrients for RTD Production

Gusmer Enterprises Micro Essentials TM Nutrients Nutrients for Distilling

Micro Elements Hard Seltzer HG is a powder blend of complex fermentation nutrients formulated for high gravity RTD fermentations. It is composed of organic and inorganic nitrogen, vitamins, trace minerals, sterols, amino acids, proteins and peptides. • High gravity RTD fermentation (≥25° Plato) • Fast fermentation times • High alcohol yields • Neutral flavor and aroma profile Instructions for Use Rehydrate Micro Elements Hard Seltzer HG in 10X the weight in process water and mix for 10 minutes. Add the hydrated solution to the fermenter with the sugar base prior to yeast inoculation in one addition.

The use of fermentation nutrients in alcoholic fermentations is well documented. In addition to fermentable sugars, yeast require nitrogen (free amino nitrogen), vitamins, minerals, sterols and more in order to build biomass and reach the cell density required for a healthy fermentation. While fruit and grain substrates supply the carbohydrates required for fermentable sugars, they often lack these other key nutritional components. When these key nutritional components are not made available, and yeast grow under stressful conditions, fermentations are often sluggish, inconsistent, incomplete and produce undesirable metabolites such as hydrogen sulfide that can carry over into the distillate.

Gusmer’s Micro Essentials fermentation nutrients, designed specifically for alcoholic fermentations, are based on findings from the latest research and incorporate premium ingredients. Our complex supplements contain highly refined polypeptides and amino acids, a full spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals and yeast survival factors for a rich source of compounds that are highly assimilable by yeast. These nutrients are produced locally in our own facility, under GMP conditions. Used to support yeast growth, protein synthesis, general metabolism, and alcohol tolerance, Micro Essentials contribute greatly to vigorous fermentations, consistent congener production and help guard against the formation of unwanted metabolites. Yeast Nutrients for Distillation Micro Essentials Powder is a full spectrum nutrient blend in a powdered form, which is dosed into the fermenter during inoculation, and as required throughout the alcoholic fermentation. It is recommended for all fruit and grain based spirits, especially when the FAN (free amino nitrogen) is known to be low or fermentation conditions prove to be challenging. Micro Essentials Complete-TR is a time-release fermentation nutrient. Alcoholic fermentations often require incremental additions of nutrients during the early stages as a means to manage the fermentation. The demand is greatest during the exponential phase of the yeast growth cycle, when the cells require more organic nitrogen-rich compounds to reach the desired level of biomass. Incremental addition assures nutrient availability to these later generations of yeast. Micro Essentials Complete was developed as a solution to the difficulties of incremental additions. Nutrients are compressed into tablets creating a distinct time-release profile, delivering the proper dose and composition as needed – but with a single addition. Both tablets are added together in equal parts at the onset of inoculation. One tablet contains a higher percentage of organically derived nitrogen, along with inorganic nitrogen, vitamins, minerals and yeast survival factors, and has a fast dissolution rate. This tablet provides the nutrients required to build biomass during the exponential phase. The other tablet is formulated with the same ingredients, but has a higher percentage of inorganic nitrogen and a slower dissolution rate. Together, these two tablets provide the right composition of nutrients at the right time.

Dosing Recommendations




≥25 6.6 773 55 925

g/L g/bbl lbs/1000 gal PPM

4.95 580 41.2 694

6.2 725 51.6 868


This product provides 16.8 ppm of available nitrogen for every 1lb/1000 gallons.

Pack Size: 25 kg

Fermentation Curves




Dose Rate*




Degrees Plato 16° Plato 24° Plato 28° Plato

Micro Essentials Powder

12 - 96 g / hl (1-8 lbs / 1,000 gal)*

Time-release nutrient supplying a rich mixture of organic and inorganic nitrogen, vitamins, trace minerals and yeast survival factors. A powdered form of yeast nutrient supplying a rich mixture of organic and inorganic nitrogen, vitamins, trace minerals and yeast survival factors.

Highly complex nutrient used during fermentation - multiple addition is recommended when adding 2 lbs /

25 kg (55 lbs)

1,000 gal or more.

5 kg

(11 lbs)

Provides 17 ppm available nitrogen

at 1 lb / 1,000 gal

Degrees Plato 16° Plato 24° Plato 28° Plato

Micro Essentials Complete-TR

12 - 96 g / hl

Highly complex nutrient, ideal for most fermentations - added one time at the beginning of fermentation. (Product is a white and a tan tablet, each with different time release profiles. Dose together 1 to 1). Provides 15 ppm available nitrogen at 1 lb / 1,000 gal

10 kg (22 lbs)

(1 - 8 lbs / 1,000 gal)*

1 kg

(2.2 lbs)



*Dose rates may vary and are application dependent. Please contact a Gusmer representative for more information.

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