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IFF Danisco ® Distilling Enzymes (continued) Fermentation Enhancement

Yeast for Distillation More than ever before, distillers are offering a wide array of unique and interesting distilled products, utilizing both the science of fermentation and the art of the craft to produce quality products that are differentiated and stand out to discerning consumers. As a supplier of yeast to the alcoholic beverage industry for decades, Gusmer has many strains of specialized yeast that were selected for their abilities to perform alcoholic fermentations and make positive contributions to the organoleptic profile. Yeast strains with proven kinetics and the ability to produce aromatic and mouthfeel constituents, or the inability to produce certain negative metabolites – such as hydrogen sulfide. We work exclusively with Chr. Hansen and Renaissance Yeast, two leaders in the production of yeast for the beverage industry and offer both the traditional Saccharomyces strains and the newly commercialized Non- Saccharomyces strains. Chr. Hansen Yeast Strains Melody TM – (60% Saccharomyces cerevisiae / 20% Lachancea thermotolerans / 20% Torulaspora delbrueckii ) Chr. Hansen’s mixed culture strains are an ideal blend of Saccharomyces and Non- Saccharomyces yeast specifically developed to enhance flavors, aromas and mouthfeel constituents, yet assure reliable fermentations. This yeast

Fermentation Enhancement - Increases free amino nitrogen (FAN) from protein in the mash for improved fermentation.




Thermostable neutral protease

• Heat stable, ideal for cereal cooker • Increase FAN for improved and consistent fermentations • Reduce fermentation time





Use Rate (kg/MT of grist) 1.0 - 3.0

Use Rate (ppm of grist) 1000 - 3000

Optimal Temperature Range 66 - 80 °C (151 - 176 °F)

Optimal pH Range 6.0 - 8.9

Application: Add to cook or mash.

Acidic fungal endopeptidase

• Enables hydrolysis of hard to hydrolyze starch to increase alcohol yields • Increase FAN, amino acids, and peptides for improved yeast vitality • Increase fermentation rates


blend provides the positive attributes and complexities of a “wild-fermentation”, but with great control and consistency. This is especially well suited for Gin, Brandy and fruit Brandy. Merit TM - ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae ) – strong fermentation kinetics and alcohol tolerant up to 17% v/v. Ideal for any fruit and grain fermentation, or restarting stuck fermentations. Widely used in the industry and known as a low producer of hydrogen sulfide. Jazz TM - ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae ) – direct vessel starter (DVS) strain that eliminates the rehydration step. Jazz is delivered as Active Dry Yeast.




Use Rate (kg/MT of grist) 0.25 - 1.50

Use Rate (ppm of grist) 250 - 1500

Optimal Temperature Range 48 - 75 °C (118 - 167 °F)

Optimal pH Range 3.1 - 4.3

Chr. Hansen Yeast

Application: Add to cooled mash in fermenter before or during pitching of yeast.

Basic Whiskey Mashing Profile The diagram below shows a basic overview of a whiskey mashing profile – heating, holding, and cooling – along with points of enzyme addition during the grain mashing process. • The enzyme addition points, temperatures and holding periods shown are intended to maximize the capabilities of the enzymes for liquefaction, viscosity reduction and starch conversion. • The mashing profile should be optimized for a specific grain bill or starch source for the best enzyme performance. • Temperature, pH range, hold times and dose rates should be improved to obtain the best enzyme performance.

Heat to 85 o C (185 o F) and hold for up to 90 minutes

Renaissance Yeast Strains (Non-Hydrogen Sulfide Producing)

200 o

Renaissance has developed a new line of yeast strains that have a natural inability to produce hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide, a known fermentation defect, can carry over in the distillation. Even at trace amounts, hydrogen sulfide can bind up desirable aromatic compounds. Renaissance Yeast strains are known for their clean fermentations, bright aromas, and for producing aromatic distillates. Viva TM – ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae bayanus ) Clean fermenting yeast Avante TM – ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae ) Excellent choice for Tequila Ossia TM – ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae hybrid ) Organic Yeast for the production of organic spirits

180 o

Cool to 154 o F (68 o C) and add DIAZYME ® (87, X4, SSF, or SSF2)


160 o

Ramp to starch gelatinization temperature

Cool to fermentation temperature and and if using DIAZYME ® (87 or X4) add ALPHALASE ® AFP, then yeast

140 o

120 o

Add LAMINEX ® ( C2K or 750) and AMYLEX ® (6T or BT2) at 118 o F (48 o C). Add ALPHALASE ® THP.

100 o

80 o







For more specific application recommendations, please contact your Gusmer technical sales representative.

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