Gusmer Brewing Catalog 2022-23

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Metric Equivalent

Is Equal To

Metric Unit

Is Equal To

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3.28 ft

1.00 m

1 meter (m)

100 cm

1 ft

30.48 cm

1 centimeter (cm)

10 mm

1 inch

25.4 mm

1 millimeter

1000 µm

1 sq. ft.

929 sq. cm.

1 micron (µm)

1000 nm

1 cubic ft.

28.32 L

1 kilogram (kg)

1000 g

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Shipping Hazardous Materials Hazardous materials are shipped the most economical way possible in accordance with carrier and DOT regulations. Prices normally include packaging; however, special packing charges may be added for hazardous materials. Because of federal and international Hazmat shipping regulations, special DOT-approved shipping boxes and additional paperwork are involved in shipping all chemicals marked “HM.” For this extra handling, there is a $35 surcharge for each Hazmat ground parcel. Only one Hazmat class may be included in each parcel. If an order contains items in more than one Hazmat class, each class must go in a separate package, each with a separate Hazmat surcharge. Notes All carbon must be shipped by truck. UPS will not handle it. Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. puts forth this catalog in good faith but makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, concerning the use or misuse of the products or data listed within. Prices and product offering subject to change without notice.

1 pound

453.6 g

1 gram (g)

1000 mg

1 atm

14.7 psi

1 hectoliter (hl)

100 L

1 grain/gal (U.S.)

17.1 ppm

1 liter (L)

1000 ml

1 grain/gal (British)

14.2 ppm

1 atmosphere

1 kg/sq. cm.

Legal Bushel Weights

Is Equal To (in lbs)

1 lb/100 bbls

38.6 ppm



1 lb/100 bbls

3.86 g/hl



1 g/hl

0.258 lbs/100 bbls

Caramel Malt


1 hl

0.852 U.S. bbls

Black Malt


1 L

0.264 U.S. gallons



1 L

1.057 quarts



1 m

1.094 yards



1 cm

0.0328 feet



1 ml

0.0610 cubic in.

Approximate Caloric Value of Average Beer

Is Equal To (in calories)

1 kg

2.2 lbs

Conversion Factors 1 U.S. beer barrel

8 oz.


31 gallons 124 quarts 248 pints 3968 oz 4.144 cubic feet 7161 cubic inches

10 oz.


12 oz.


Percent Equivalents (approximate)

Is Equal To


1.3 Fluid ounces per gallon 0.62 pounds per cubic foot 2.6 pounds per U.S. beer barrel

258.70 lbs water at 39.2 °F 257.16 lbs water at 95 ºF 247.93 lbs water at 212 ºF 271 lbs of 12% wort (approximately) 262 lbs of beer of 3% AE 128 fl. oz. 8.345 lbs water at 39.2 °F 8.296 lbs water at 95 ºF 7.998 lbs water at 212 ºF 231 cubic inches of malt liquor at 39.2 ºF

Metric Equivalent

Is Equal To

1 U.S. beer bbl

1.173 hl

1 U.S. gallon

3.785 L

1 U.S. gallon

1 quart

0.946 L

1 pint

473.2 ml

12 fl. oz.

354.9 ml

8 fl. oz.

236.6 ml

7 fl. oz.

207.0 m

1 quart

57.749 cubic inches

1 fl. oz.

29.6 ml

1 pint

28.875 cubic inches

1 fl. oz.

1.805 cubic inches

1 bushel

1.244 cubic feet

1 cubic foot

1728 cubic inches 7.48 gal 62.43 lbs water at 39.2 °F

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