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Chemical and Microbial Gusmer Analytical Services

Gusmer Analytical Services (continued)

MICROBIOLOGICAL TESTS Microscopic Exam scan for microbes and debris (plating may be recommended to determine viability) Cost: $25 / sample Volume: 2 ml

PREPARING AND SENDING SAMPLES 1. In order to ensure the most accurate analysis, please send full (topped) containers of beer optimally packaged for shipping to minimize breakage. 2. Download and submit a completed Analysis Request Form with your samples. A form can be obtained at or by calling 707.224.7903. 3. If specific label information is required on the report, please make sure that this information is supplied on the sample request. 4. Samples may be sent via UPS or FedEx. The US Postal Service does not accept alcohol for shipping. Samples may also be dropped off in person.

Ensure beer flavor, stability, longevity and more by utilizing Gusmer’s analytical services for the brewing industry. Gusmer offers a variety of tests and testing panels, as well as industry expertise and educated recommendations to assist in your brewing process. All tests are performed on site at Gusmer’s well equipped Napa, California laboratory using the latest techniques and technology. Export your Beer? Gusmer has TTB certified chemists on staff to perform the required analysis for your exports. Accurate Testing is based on the standards set by the American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC). Lab accuracy is checked through the International Check Sample Service, provided by the ASBC. Quick Typical analysis turnaround is 24-48 hours. Expedited service is available. Reliable Gusmer’s longstanding reputation in the industry has shaped this analytical services program for brewing. Gusmer staffs technical brewers and has over 90 years of participation in the brewing industry. If you have questions regarding samples for analysis or sampling procedures, please telephone the lab at 707.224.7903, extension 306 or 307. The minimum analysis charge is $25. Discounts are available for 5 or more samples of the same test. Please note that all samples for analysis must be sent to the Napa facility (640 Airpark Road, Suite D, Napa, CA 94558). Gusmer Enterprises Napa Laboratory

Culture, Direct – unpackaged beer yeast / mold / bacteria – UBA, MRS Cost: $25 / sample Volume: 2 ml yeast / mold only – UBA Cost: $20 / sample Volume: 2 ml

bacteria only – MRS Cost: $15 / sample Volume: 2 ml Culture, Membrane Filtration – packaged beer yeast / mold / bacteria – UBA, MRS Cost: $40 / sample Volume: 12 oz yeast / mold only – UBA Cost: $25 / sample Volume: 12 oz

bacteria only – MRS Cost: $25 / sample Volume: 12 oz Yeast Count Viability NucleoCounter Cost: $35 / sample Volume: 100 ml CHEMICAL TESTS Calories Cost: $25 / sample Volume: 24 oz Mineral & Metal Analyses iron / copper / calcium / sodium Cost: $50 / sample Volume: 50 ml

BEER PANEL ANALYSIS Basic Beer Panel: extracts, alcohol, pH, color, bittering units Cost: $45 / sample Volume: 24 oz Finished Beer Panel: extracts, alcohol, pH, color, bittering units, CO 2 , air, yeast / mold / bacteria (UBA, MRS) Cost: $60 / sample Volume: 24 oz Stability Panel (Chill Haze): tannin and protein content, stability recommendation Cost: $35 / sample Volume: 24 oz

Filterability Panel: pre-- and post--NTU readings, filter sheet recommendation Cost: $60 / single sheet test; $100 / multi-sheet test Volume: 2 gallons (additional samples needed for multi-sheet test) Membrane Filterability Panel: clogging index value to determine if beer is ready for sterile filtration Cost: $40 / test Volume: 36 oz Note: should not be done more than 5 days prior to sterile filtration / bottling

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