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MilliporeSigma MVP Icon Rapid ATP Detection and HACCP Management

MilliporeSigma Granulated (Dehydrated) Media

MilliporeSigma’s premium granulated media is now available in North America. Granulated media offers several key advantages over traditional dehydrated media including: • Each granule contains the exact ingredient proportions • No settling or separation of media ingredients that can lead to inconsistent tests • Faster dissolution

• No sticking to glassware that can cause media waste and inconsistent results • Easier to weigh • Reduced dust and inhaling of particles MilliporeSigma specifies the highest performance criteria available on the market in its media quality certificates.

Gusmer is proud to announce a new offering from MilliporeSigma, the MVP Icon. The MVP Icon is an innovative tool that rapidly detects and records the presence of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule found in all living cells such as yeast or bacteria, including those in food and beverage residues. Swab a surface in the brewery, activate the swab’s sampling device, and record the measurement in seconds. An indication of the level of ATP present on any given surface provides an indication of cleanliness and the efficacy of cleaning processes. Routine monitoring of ATP levels at critical points in the brewing process can provide the opportunity to optimize cleaning and sanitation protocols and prevent sanitation-based quality problems before they start. Unique to the MVP Icon is MilliporeSigma’s validated Zones of Cleanliness system. This system is an easy to understand quantitative indication of cleanliness, using a 0-5 scale. A result below 2.5 is considered a “Pass”, a result between 2.5-3.0 indicates trace amounts of ATP, and a surface with a result above 3.0 should be cleaned again and retested. Although the MVP Icon can also be configured to read in Relative Light Units (RLU), the Zones of Cleanliness system simplifies the monitoring process and provides convenience to brewery sanitation programs.

Many other media formulations and versions available.

Granulated Media Part Number

Item Description


1.10130.0500 1.05463.0500 1.10673.0500 1.05443.0500 1.05450.0500 1.10661.0500 1.10660.0500 1.05397.0500 1.00467.0500 1.10866.0500

Potato Dextrose Agar Total Plate Count Agar Orange Serum Agar

500 g 500 g 500 g 500 g 500 g 500 g 500 g 500 g 500 g 500 g

Nutrient Broth Nutrient Agar

MRS Broth MRS Agar

MilliporeSigma MVP Icon Demo

Malt Extract Broth

RBC Agar

WL Nutrient Agar

Liquid Media and Petri-Pad ® Petri Dishes

Ready to use 2 ml plastic ampoules of sterile liquid media save time and effort when you only have a few samples to culture. No need to prepare media, simply uncap the ampoule and squeeze the sterile media into a Petri-Pad Petri dish’s absorbent pad. Petri-Pad sterile 47 mm Petri dishes, with pre-loaded pads, come fully assembled and ready to use. The pads

Culture Media Part Number

The MVP Icon can also be used in conjunction with the MVP Icon Dashboard Software, a PC based application that provides a status snapshot of your sanitation program by generating analytical trending and performance reports. The software also allows you to establish and monitor a testing schedule, providing you with assurance that your HACCP program is properly managed.

Item Description



Preservative-Resistant Yeast Broth

50 50 50 50 50 50

Brettanomyces Broth

Wallerstein Nutrient Broth m-Green/Schaufus Pottinger Wallerstein Differential Broth Yeast and Mold Selective Broth

conveniently absorb 2 ml of liquid media to instantly prepare it to receive an EZ-Pak or S-Pak membrane filter for culturing.

Note: Ampoules need to be stored at 2-8 °C

Petri-Pads & Dishes Part Number

Item Description

Qty 150 600 150 600

PD20047S0 PD20047S5 PD2004700 PD2004705

Petri-Pad dish with pad Petri-Pad dish with pad

Petri dish Petri dish

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