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KICK Carrageenan ® Kettle Finings

Beer Stabilization (continued) NALCO Nalco 1072 – ( Kieselsol or SilicaSol ) Nalco 1072 kieselsol is a liquid colloidal suspension of silicon dioxide, which is extremely effective in chillproofing and has been used in production of “vegan-friendly” beers. The resulting silica/protein complexes form relatively compact sediment cakes (tank bottoms) that aid in separation (through filtration) from the stabilized beer. Nalco 1072 is a ready-to-use solution that offers convenience in use.

Nalco 1072 / KICK Carrageenan Video Customer Testimonial

KICK Carrageenan kettle finings are an effective way to improve flocculation and clarity in the kettle and throughout the rest of the brewing process. The active ingredient in KICK Carrageenan is kappa carrageenan, a high molecular weight polysaccharide derived from red seaweed. When added near the end of the boil, kappa carrageenan binds to haze-forming proteins and other small particles and flocculates rapidly, resulting in improved wort and beer clarity.

KICK Carrageenan G (Granular) KICK Carrageenan G is composed of 100% granular carrageenan. It is produced at a larger particle size to encourage easier handling and dosing. Add KICK Carrageenan G 20 minutes prior to the end of boil to fully activate the kappa carrageenan – no hydration necessary . Water Viscosity @ 1.5% – 400-800 cps Color – Cream to Light Tan Particle Size – 90% through 10 Mesh Moisture – Less than 12% KICK Carrageenan T and Micro-T (Tablets) KICK Carrageenan tablets are composed of highly refined kappa carrageenan. The tablet format provides a convenient dosing method that encourages rapid delivery of the active ingredient to the kettle. KICK Carageenan tablets are manufactured using high quality materials, resulting in a product that is odorless and non-dusting. Add KICK Carrageenan tablets 5 minutes prior to the end of boil. Water Viscosity @ 5% – 10-30 cps Color – White Tablet Weight – KICK T 28-31g, KICK Micro-T 0.8-1.1g Moisture – Less than 5%

Particle Size : ~ 8 nm Dose Rate: 100-2000 ppm Contact Time: ~ 8-24 hrs Sizes: 5 USG pails, 55 USG polydrums Nalco 1072

Jim Cibak, Brewmaster Revolution Brewing - Chicago, IL

Fining Efficiency Nalco 1072 - High Gravity NTU

Product Performance and Application Product performance and competitive analyses were completed in low (American Wheat) and high gravity (IPA) fermentations. All products were dosed at the completion of primary fermentation. The final beer chemistry and product summary is shown in the tables below.



100 PPM 250 PPM 500 PPM 1000 PPM 2000 PPM Control





Beer Gravity




Final Plato








Low Gravity





Time (Hrs.)

High Gravity





Fining Efficiency Nalco 1072 - Low Gravity NTU

500 120 100

100 PPM 250 PPM 500 PPM 1000 PPM 2000 PPM Control

80 60 40 20 0


Dose Rates

Package Size

KICK Carrageenan G

10-60 ppm (1-6 g/hL)

10 KG Box

0 1 2



5 6

7 24

KICK Carrageenan T

1 Tablet / 5 Barrels

10 KG Box

Time (Hrs.)

KICK Carrageenan Video Customer Testimonial

KICK Carrageenan Micro-T

1 Tablet / 5 Gallons

1 KG Box

• For Nalco application in high & low gravity brews, all dosages are effective in lowering the NTU and achieving a clean sample in comparison to the control. • There is a correlation between product efficiency and contact time. A lower dosage can be used to achieve target clarity over a longer period of time (1-24hrs.). On the same note, a higher dosage can be used to achieve target clarity over a shorter period of time (1-24 hrs). • For commercial application, it is recommended to do dosage optimization trials to determine an ideal dose and contact time.

Dose Rate Optimization

For more information on how to conduct a dose rate optimization trial, please watch this video on dose rate optimization.

Jim Cibak, Brewmaster Revolution Brewing - Chicago, IL

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